Have you ever wonder, how the largest trade agreement in history will affect developing countries and development sector?

‪Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), is the largest trade agreement in history as of now, potentially affects the lives of 792 million people and yet the public was left in the dark throughout the negotiation process. The TPPA is particularly concerning to the developing countries in the membership, as it forces them to adopt provisions they might not be ready for and had little opportunity to shape as it was designed primarily by developed countries with their own interests in mind. It will significantly reduce policy space developing countries have in advancing social and environmental concerns, which will have negative consequences to the health and well-being of the most vulnerable groups, such as women and girls.

Are you concerned about the TPPA and want to know more about how it could affect?

Read an excellent article written By Dhivya Kanagasingam, Programme Officer, ARROW here.

or read JERA International’s Occasional Paper on A Gender Lens on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement by Wilma Viteri here

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