JERA International (JERA) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes Justice, Equality, Rights and Access to bring about positive change for women.

We work in Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and internationally to promote positive action to achieve gender equality.

JERA uses a practical and rights-based approach to directly advance women’s participation in policy discussions and change.

JERA International was formed in recognition of the fact that women do less well than men as a group in every country across the world.  JERA works in partnership with groups and networks of women and men towards common goals and outcomes to advance gender equality. JERA works as a conduit between community and decision-makers, providing opportunity, access, training, and expertise linkages. Our vision is for gender equality in all areas of civil life, society, the economy and culture.

JERA International focuses on key change areas including:

  • The mobilisation of women and men to bring about gender equity in Australia. Evidence indicates that sustainable change and equality requires the active participation of women and girls, men and boys.
  • Promoting and making linkages for evidence based decision making for policy: national and international.
  • Promotion of the advancement of women through key policy dialogue, practical project and program implementation and partnerships with key national and international actors.  This includes; established and new women’s organisations, men’s organisations, business, unions, community and relevant government departments including Federal Police and Military.

The JERA Team

JERA Directors have strong theoretical knowledge of gender issues that has been consistently demonstrated in Asia Pacific Regional and International projects and forums working on the advancement of women.  They have many years of collective expertise in the management of projects through all levels of government, international organisations and commercial enterprises.

Carole Shaw, Judith van Unen and Vicki Stylianou are Directors of Justice Equality Rights Access International Ltd.

A Living Network of Gender Expertise

JERA International is not a member funded organisation, but works in partnerships across community, government and business. We have an active national, regional and international presence in the women’s movement through personal contacts, membership of women’s organisations and national, regional and international networks.  Additionally JERA has formidable networks in the business and wider community sectors that engages a broader range of voices. The groups and networks that JERA International works with have branches and members nationally and internationally.

JERA collaborates with women and men who are experts in their fields to bring high level outcomes to projects.

JERA International would like to acknowledge the generous support of

IPA – Institute of Public Accountants The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) is a professional organisation for accountants recognised for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment.

The IPA is a progressive, responsive accounting body committed to integrity, professionalism and professional development. It represents more than 20,000 members and students working in industry, commerce, government, academia and private practice.

 The JERA Logo

The JERA logo comes from the Rune Stone  ‘JERA’.  Symbolic of new beginnings, new harvests and doing things differently.  The blue in the logo is symbolic of the sky and the gold is symbolic of the harvest.  The JERA Logo is visually symbolic of equality with the two elements being of the same size and interlocked, of equal weight and in balance.

While Rune Stones have been found in various places across the world, JERA comes from Norse origin and may be used as a tool of divination to predict ones future. JERA is often used at a  time of reaping rewards from seeds sown in the past. It is a time of plenty, of joy and celebration. But it is also a time to work with no time for complacency.  The harvest is followed by winter so you should make sure you have stored enough wisdom to face your next challenge.