Forward Strategies for Advancing African Women Australia

The African Women’s Advocacy Unit [AWAU] was an auspiced program of Australian National Committee of Refugee Women [ANCORW].

Now the African Women Australia (AWAU), they worked with over 140 members to advance this organisation through community support. The membership of AWAU over the 4 years has grown from 15 members to over 140 members.  Training and community forums have recently included a growing number of women migrants from the African continent. AWAU provides an opportunity for and demonstrates its mission which is around “empowering refugee women to have control over their own lives and to advocate on their own behalf”.

JERA International guided the development of the framework and content in preparation for AWAU move from being a project to an organisation in and of itself and to become an independent, incorporated national body that will act on behalf of African women in Australia. JERA will further assist in the development of ‘over horizon’ strategies for funding that will provide sustainability for AWAU.

Let me Tell it my way : Human Rights Education Through Narratives

JERA International supported AWAU in their project Let me tell it my way: Human Rights Education Through Narratives which is a project funded by the Attorney General – Federal Government to conduct Human Rights Courts of Testimony as a vehicle for Human Rights Education. Workshops that explored practical ways of applying Human Rights instruments to individuals real life experiences and gain knowledge about ways of dealing with violation of rights. This project had activities in Sydney New South Wales, as well as in Adelaide South Australia. In South Australia they worked in partnership with the African Council of Communities SA.


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