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Calling all young advocates!
Chat For Change is an initiative which aims to link passionate young human rights advocates (aged 10-30) from around the world up with opportunities to speak out in their schools, communities and the wider world. This is done through 4 free programs, each of which allows the messages of our “Chatters” to reach a wide community through our own social networks and those of our Supporter Organisations.
The programs offered include:
  • Video Chatter – monthly video competitions for youth around the world 
  • Blog Chatter- monthly blog submissions for youth around the world
  • Community Chatter- giving public speaking opportunities to youth*
  • Request A Chat- providing young guest speakers to host organisations*
*currently launching in Melbourne, Australia

Each month Chat For Change nominates a set theme for the Chatters to speak out on. These themes match UN Days of action and relevant campaigns from our Supporter Organisations.

For more information or to view our current volunteer vacancies visit or email

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