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Updates on CSW

  1. 1,330 organizations have registered for CSW60 and 8,206 representatives (8,400 last year).
  2. Oral interventions: There are 3 interactive panels. Go to CSW website for information about NGO participation and sign up forms. Preference given to interventions on behalf of a caucus or group of NGOs and also speaking to the priority theme or review theme. Many fewer people have signed up for oral interventions than oral statements. IMPORTANT FOR NGOS TO SIGN UP, particularly for review theme on eliminating and preventing violence against women.
  3. May sign up for both oral interventions and oral statements.
  4. Opening ceremonies for CSW: Tickets for the gallery for NGOs will be distributed on the day of the opening at 8:30 AM in the GA Lobby. Tickets for ministerial roundtables will also be distributed on day of the roundtable.
  5. Registration Hours: March 11 (Friday) – March 13 (Sunday) before CSW starts from 10 – 6 at 320 E. 45th St. There will be a separate line for people with grounds passes and who have registered for previous CSWs (people already in the UN security system). Make sure you are in the right line. Registration will continue throughoutCSW. Sunday through Wednesday are the busiest days.

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