The JERA Team

JERA International Directors are:  Judith van Unen, Carole Shaw and Vicki Stylianou
Judith van Unen and Carole Shaw are Joint CEOs

Carole A Shaw – Joint CEO and Director

Carole has a long experience of working both nationally and internationally on gender issues. She has extensive national, regional and international networks and has for more than 10 years worked to advance gender equality by presentations at the United Nations, UNHCR regional forums and practical program work.

In 2004 Carole coordinated the Australian National NGO input into CSW 48th Session, the review of Beijing + 10 (B+10). The review involved extensive outreach throughout Australia. Local, state and regional level consultations were held for women’s groups, networks and individuals in the community. The process was interactive and participatory, including a series of inter-state workshops with several in the pacific, a National Human Rights Court and a National Workshop. Coordination was achieved with workshop leaders preparing workshops on different critical areas. This process involved working with government and community groups on participating in the process; meetings with community groups to share information; making presentations at State meetings and the United Nations. Carole developed reporting structures for the national report, was a member of the drafting and publications committee for the Asia Pacific NGO Forum in Bangkok and was a key contributor to the final report for Australia. She also led the Australian NGO team in the drafting and analysis of lobby documentation resulting from the Commission for Status of Women 49th Session New York 2005. At CSW 49th Session, United Nations New York, she ran three workshops, two on Military Violence and Security Council Resolution 1325 and one on Gender aspects of the December 26th 2004 tsunami. Carole continues to participate, input into language and run workshops and forums at CSW each year.

For more than a decade Carole has worked in the area of gender and  development and she has managed to collaboratively work with Australian and Regional NGO’s and governments at CSW for the last 6 years. In February 2005 Carole was part of a team from Australia that was instrumental in getting a resolution passed at CSW 49th to ensure the responses to the Tsunami disaster of 26th December, 2004, and other natural disasters, included gender based strategies and are gender sensitive.

Judith A van Unen – Joint CEO and Director

A Business Performance Strategist, Judith is a prominent activist for women in business and the economy, nationally and internationally. She has had extensive community sector experience and a deep interest that encompasses disability, urban, regional, rural and isolated women, and the small business sector, working with government and non-government agencies on legislative reform, submissions, lobbying and research to contribute towards a better future. Judith is a consummate networker and a connecter of people.

Judith has been an NGO Expert Advisor on Australian Government Delegations to the UN CSW on a number of occasions, covering thematic issues such as; Women, the girl child & HIV-AIDS /Role of Men & Boys in Gender Equality /Women’s equal participation, conflict prevention, management & conflict resolution & in post-conflict peace building /Elimination of all forms of discrimination & violence against the girl child /Capacity-building on gender mainstreaming in the development, implementation & evaluation of national policies & programs for the elimination of all forms of discrimination /Financing for gender equality & empowerment of women.

Judith’s current Board Directorships include; Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA); Asia Pacific Diversity Foundation; (APDF) Vice Chair, Riding for the Disabled Association Australia (RDAA); National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW), International Gender Advisor; Vice Chair, Business & Professional Women’s Co-operative (BPW CoOp) and the Australian Defence Forces Reserves Support Council (DRSC). Judith is a National Institute for Governance member. She has been National President of Business and Professional Women Australia (BPWA) and was founding Chair of economic Security 4 Women (eS4W), one of the National Women’s Alliances. Judith has been a representative on numerous government consultative bodies such as the Australian Tax Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade & Attorney General’s Department Human Rights Forums and Victorian government’s Work, Family and Community Life Advisory Committee.

Vicki Stylianou – Corporate Services and Director

Vicki has a Bachelor Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (politics), Master of Business Administration (International Business), Cert. Mediation and Dispute Resolution.

Vicki is currently the General Manager–Representation & Innovation at the Institute of Public Accountants, IPA (Formerly NIA) and has undertaken the development, advocacy and media of submissions on relevant taxation and other public policy issues. Vicki was previously Assistant Director, Office of Best Practice Regulation and Policy Analyst at federal Treasury, responsible or areas of tax policy, financial literacy and prudential regulation.

Vicki  is a lawyer by profession, having practiced in commercial litigation for a number of years, both in Australia and overseas. Vicki was admitted  to practice as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea (PNG). She was the inaugural Deputy Vice President of the PNG-China Business Council and has progressed business interests in China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia, including involvement in multi-million dollar projects.

Sarah Keenan – Project Officer and Researcher

A fourth year Law/International Relations student at La Trobe University, intending to graduate in June 2012. After graduation she hopes to be able to use her skills, particularly her legal knowledge to help people who have not had the same access to education, in particular, women and children. She is particularly interested in looking at international legal instruments and ensuring that they do actually benefit those they are intended to help and in ensuring that women and children have sufficient access to justice. Through this internship she hopes to gain an insight into how international relations really works and how organisations from different states interact with each other. The difference between the theory taught at university and how things work in practice will be of particular interest. She will be providing research, exploring the links between the UNSCR 1325, CEDAW, the Beijing Platform for Action and the Millennium Development Goals and how they can be used to help the economic empowerment of women in conflict affected areas.  Sarah continues the research and logistics management of the project focusing on the economic impact that the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria had on women and the logistics management of the project: Sustaining Economic Empowerment of Women in China – Anti-discrimination frameworks.

Virginia Lang – Project Researcher

Virginia is currently studying a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne and in the final year of her course. She has gained extensive knowledge in issues pertaining to international security, law, trade, development and human rights. Virginia has always maintained a keen interest in women’s concerns and have noticed this to be an underlying theme in both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. International problems cannot be addressed without first understanding the gender imbalances that underpin them, and it is her belief that empowering women will also lead to greater peace and security for everybody.

Apart from studying, Virginia loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, languages and customs. She has traveled extensively, throughout Asia, Europe and South America and is eager to gain experience in her field internationally, however, is also willing to build on her knowledge on international organisations within Australia. She is particularly interested in development and equal rights, yet her studies have provided her with a vast knowledge of international issues.  Virginia is devoted to working on any project that would enable her to gain experience within the arena of international relations and she is currently the lead research on the project  Voices from the Floodplains – the economic impact of the floods on women – a project being undertaken on behalf of economic Security 4 Women and a project closely aligned to Joining the Dots.

Sarah Hargrave – Researcher

Currently in the process of completing her third and final year of a Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University in Bundoora, Sarah Hargrave has focused her studies on anthropology, political theory and development in Asia, particularly in respect to issues of gender. Her passion for gender equality and gender-orientated development evolved out of her experiences as a volunteer teacher in a remote Zulu village in 2008, during which time she worked with a number of young women experiencing severe abuse and trauma. Since returning to Australia Sarah has worked towards obtaining the skills needed to one day return and establish a support system for these incredible women. Impressed by JERA’s mission to empower women locally and internationally to actively participate in policy discussions, Sarah has recently joined the JERA International team as an Intern. In the coming months she will be working under the guidance of joint CEO Carole Shaw to provide potential models and solutions to advance constitutionally supported rotation of membership within the APWW and the Asia Pacific region.

Moira Deutinger – Researcher

Currently majoring in government and international relations and languages at the University of Sydney, Moira has a strong interest in foreign cultures where she strives to use her language skills to further her understanding of how other countries operate. In the domain of IR, Moira sees the development of other nations as the place she would like to further her career, with a particular focus on foreign affairs. With a German father, Singaporean mother and born herself in Singapore, she was from an early age already exposed to the way in which other countries functioned. Through her work with JERA International, Moira is striving to become a more independent thinker as she researches the economic impact that the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria had on women.

Luke van Unen –
Web development and Marketing

Luke’s experience and expertise is broad ranging. Beyond website development, he is a freelance Journalist & Copywriter , contributing to a number of national and international magazines. He has headed up the sales and marketing for several companies that includes sports, web development  and business journalist for international magazines as well as sales and marketing for a number of European companies.