eS4W believes that lifelong economic well being is a high priority for Australian women – it empowers women to make choices and live independently. It enriches all aspects of women’s lives including their education, health, employment, personal, safety and financial security over their life time.

eS4W engages with Australian women to identify the issues they face and establish those of primary importance. The outcomes from our consultations contribute to national policy reform relevant  to the lifelong economic well being for women.

These include pay equity, access to relevant and affordable education and training, access to financial planning and superannuation, childcare, carer needs, and retirement income equity.

economic Security 4 Women (eS4W), which is one of the federal government’s 6 National Women’s Alliances’, has announced the appointment of a new EO.

The new Executive Officer, Kimberly James comes to eS4W with 20 years of frontline service delivery working with women and children who have experienced social, emotional, economic, and cultural disadvantage.  Those first hand experiences and the understanding of what happens at a grassroots level for women without economic security drives Kimberly’s passion to continue her work at securing equitable social policy and legislation that acknowledges the needs of these families.

Kimberly has taken on many leadership roles that have influenced policy direction for the betterment of the women she was advocating for, such as Board Member for CEO Challenge Australia – working towards eliminating Domestic Violence and taking the Chair of CWRG the peak body for women’s refuges in SEQ.

She is spending her first week being inducted into eS4W; reviewing work plan, past reports and internal policy and procedures.

Kimberly’s contact details are:
M:  0430051785

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