Carole Shaw, JERA International at HLPF 2016


The sixth briefing on effective evaluation and the SDGs is out now!

At the 2016 UN High Level Political Forum, 22 countries presented Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) — status reports on their efforts to implement national-level follow-up and review frameworks for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). VNRs are meant to cover the status of the 17 SDGs in each reporting country and to provide an overview of processes planned to assess national progress towards them. This briefing reports on a review of the 22 VNRs, which focused on how each addressed the role of evaluation. It found that most VNRs show little awareness about just what evaluation is and how it could be used to support the 2030 Agenda. Many more countries will soon be presenting their VNRs. The recommendations presented here can strengthen and improve future reporting on VNRs.

Download document here
For the entire collection on effective evaluation for the Sustainable Development Goals, see here

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