Voice, Participation and Contributions of civil society organizations and women’s movement within FfD discussions MUST increase at all levels!!!

WHAT is Financing for Development (FfD) really about?

· The (re) distribution, allocation and utilization of financial resources to meet development needs.

· Transforming investment into concrete action in order to close the resource gaps that hinder gender equality.

WHY is Financing for Development important for women?

· Prioritized, dedicated resource allocation and investment to achieve gender equality is an urgent imperative. Unless there is commitment to significantly scale up in scope and quality, the investment in gender equality and the ambitions of the Beijing Platform for Action will not be achieved.

· This is an opportunity to prioritize and dedicate significant and sustainable resources to achieve gender equality outcomes.

WHAT must happen?

· Women’s organizations MUST continue to demand accountability of all stakeholders for the full implementation of international norms and standards on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

· Domestic, international, public and private sources of financing must be mobilized and effectively used to achieve the full and accelerated implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in order to meet commitments on the proposed gender equality goal (SDG 5) and gender sensitive targets in other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

HOW to get involved?

· Join ongoing efforts to participate in the Financing for Development conference.

· Reach out to the diversity of civil society groups that are already engaged and providing critical contributions to the Financing for Development process:

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