European Women’s Lobby – Successful Campaigns to stop violence against women

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) works for a peaceful, social and democratic European Union built on a culture of respect for human rights, equality, peace and solidarity, in Europe and globally, where women and men have equal rights, full enjoyment of their personal integrity and choice, an equal share of social, cultural and economic resources, caring and family roles, and are equally represented in decision making.

The EWL carries out its work towards this vision within a feminist perspective.

Last year the European Women’s Lobby successfully lobbied for the Istanbul Convention. Since then 22 European States have signed and 15 have ratified the Convention. The Convention recognises the obligation of States to fully address violence against women in all its forms and to take measures to prevent violence against women, protect its victims and prosecute the perpetrators.

The Istanbul Convention is a concrete tool for change to eradicate all forms of male violence against women and specifically rape.


UK End Violence Against Women Coalition

The End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAWC) is independent of government and uses a strong feminist voice to campaign for change.

Its campaigns include:

A Compulsory Sex & Relationships Education – Petition

The EVAW Coalition has teamed up with the Everyday Sexism Project to call on all UK  political party leaders to commit to compulsory sex and relationships education in all schools in their manifestos for the UK General Election in May 2015.

Schools Safe 4 Girls

One in three girls say they experience ‘groping’ or unwanted sexual touching at school in the UK. Teachers are on the frontline working with girls who are experiencing or who are at risk of abuse in many forms. This campaign asks for compulsory sex and relationships education in all schools to help prevent abuse, and for teacher training and better school policies to address the issues.

Media Sexism and Pornography campaigns

EVAWC works to challenge harmful sexist and misogynistic media in many forms, including giving evidence on media sexism and through a project calling out racism and sexism in music videos.

Protecting women’s services

It supports members to lobby candidates in national and local elections to ensure that all women and girls who experience violence have specialist support.