Equality Now: Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Campaign

The Girl Generation: Together To End FGM celebrates the Africa-led movement to end FGM in one generation. Across the African continent, people are coming together to abandon this violence against women and girls. In ten focal countries, The Girl Generation supports national communications and advocacy campaigns to drive social and behavioural change, starting with Kenya, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Globally, it  communicates stories of change, convening events, initiating media advocacy campaigns and supporting ambassadorship programs and efforts of African diaspora to help end FGM in their countries of origin. It will also help mobilise increased financial resources to end FGM in one generation.

The program will run until 2019.

Nairobi Miniskirt Protest

In November,  people protested in Nairobi, after a group of men tore off a woman’s clothes for wearing a miniskirt.

The protesters chanted ‘Shame on you’ and handed out flowers at a bus rank where the attack took place.

Bob Marley’s voice blasted from loudspeakers urging the women present to ‘stand up for their rights’ at Monday’s protest. Many women wore miniskirts in solidarity, vowing to ‘root out the cancer’ that is violence against women in Kenya.

An online campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice elicited both condemnation of the woman’s attackers, and vitriol supporting violence against women considered dressed ‘indecently’ in public.


My Dress My Choice Protest image via Femi Oke @FemiOke