Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace

The ‘Peace Walls project‘ is an initiative to show that in Syria there are people who want peace and who are committed towards creating a better future for all Syrians.

The Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace launched the project to paint murals across Syrian cities, in an attempt to spread peace and life in the hearts of Syrians who are suffering from the effects of the war.

The Forum’s goals are to:

  • ensure women are able to actively participate in peacemaking processes and building democracy;
  • ensure women fully participate in public life, and work towards a unified vision for peace; and
  • build on the solidarity of like-minded male activists, who pledge to work together with the Forum

The Forum does this by:

  • networking with organisations and groups committed to the goal of peace inside and outside the country;
  • building avenues of communication with Syrian civil society at the individual and organizational levels;
  • capacity building and formation of cadres necessary to undertake this campaign;
  • empowering civil society towards undertaking active roles and peace building; and
  • addressing the immediate and urgent needs of people caught up in the conflict.
A member of the Peace Walls project in An-Nabek, Syria, Oct. 1.

A member of the Peace Walls project in An-Nabek, Syria. (photo by Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace)


Syrian Women’s Initiative for Peace and Democracy

The Syrian Women’s Initiative for Peace and Democracy (SWIPD) is a group of Syrian women of diverse backgrounds and positions, that represent a broad range of women’s and civil society organisations. Its set of demands and priorities are based on first-hand experience of the suffering of the Syrian people.

SWIPD believe the Geneva I Communique is a foundation to end all forms of tyranny and to initiate the transition to a civil, democratic, pluralistic, and united states.

SWIPD has created a set of demands related to the participation of women in the peace process. Ths includes demands on the negotiation process and priorities related to ending the fighting, promoting the peace process and improving the humanitarian situation

Demands include:

  • Taking immediate measures to stop gender-based violence as per UN Security Council Resolutions 1820 1888, 1960; adopt gender-sensitive policies and protect women and girls against sexual exploitation, early marriage, human trafficking and rape.
  • Dismantling all arbitrary tribunals, terror-related courts, as well as sharia commissions, and reinstate civil law throughout Syria.
  • Restructuring and reforming security and police institutions in line with international norms of human rights and gender sensitivity.
  • Bringing to justice and rendering accountable the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and launch the process of transitional justice.