It’s that time of year again and NGO CSW/NY membership has already begun planning for the NGO CSW61 Forum.

Updates from UN Women:
CSW61 Themes:

  • Priority Theme:
    • Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work
  • Review Theme:
    • Challenges & achievements in the implementation of the MDGs for women & girls (agreed conclusion of the 58th session)
  • Emerging issue/Focus area:
    • The empowerment of indigenous women

For More information:
Check the UN Women homepage at www.unwomen.org under the CSW61 tab for updates, key dates, and information. Any remaining questions can be directed to csw@unwomen.org

CSW Registration and NGO Statements Information:

Note: Only ECOSOC accredited NGOS may register for CSW, make written or oral statements or sign onto a statement. NGOs with annual DPI passes can attend side events.

  • Registration of NGO Delegations:

UN Women will send invitations to register for CSW 61 to ECOSOC accredited NGOs only and they request that your organization make sure that the information in CSO Net is correct and up to date, especially email addresses.

Registration will open on 11 November 2016 and will close 27 January 2017.

  • Written Statements:

The Submission of written statements closed officially on 17 October 2016.

ECOSOC accredited NGOs were allowed to submit statements & only 1 submission per NGO will be accepted. (However, NGOs can sign as many statements as they want, again ECOSOC accredited NGOs will be included).

Once the UN has downloaded your statement you will get a notification that it was received, the next step if accepted is that it goes to the UN Editors and translators. This process takes approximately 6 weeks for editing & translation into the 6 official UN languages.

The written statements will be posted on the UN Women’s webpage starting in December and all statements should be posted by February.

  • Oral Statements:

Once again this year priority will be given to collaborative or joint oral statements rather than to individual NGOs.

The process to request to speak will begin in late January and close mid-February 2017. There will be several different opportunities for NGOs to speak.

  • There will be additional opportunities for more informal & spontaneous participation by registering to respond to Round-table & Panel discussions.

Other information for NGOs regarding CSW61:

  • There will be 2 Civil Society briefings with the Chair of the CSW Bureau.
  • It has not been decided whether there will be an UN Women stakeholder forum this year.
  • This year there will be a stronger focus on Youth & Adolescents during the Commission.
  • UN Women is seeking to include local communities, and is looking to host side events outside UN HQ.

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