The Fabric Social is an innovative  social enterprise that uses internet technology to link conflict affected women into the economic market by creating ethical fashion.

Their story begins with the recognition that peace is not merely the absence of conflict. The communities where they work have suffered from decades of armed violence and are struggling to rebuild. Without economic and social recovery, a real peace will never be achieved.

Each product sold on The Fabric Social is an integral part of a story long silenced. A story about the disproportionate way that war affects women, a story about the courage and resilience of women and their families determined to make social change. Importantly, this is also sslideshow_1tory about a new wave of economic freedom for those affected by conflict – one that is not dependent on charity, but grassroots driven social entrepreneurship.

Fabric Social’s core social goal is to lift the burden of poverty from women and their families in conflict and post conflict areas. By becoming more economically empowered, women in these communities are able to participate more freely in political life and represent their interests in the community. They support women’s small enterprise in weaving and handloom fabrics, and we invest part of their profits back into supporting grassroots initiatives that place women at the table and give them an equal voice.

The Fabric Social works exclusively with conflict-affected women creating ethical fashion.  

Click here to watch a short video to hear more about this amazing initiative  or check out the Fabric Social Website to order some beautiful goods.

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