Leadership FIJI Program 2012 Applications are now available.

Closing date for application is Friday 27th January, 2012.

For application forms please email michelle@leadershipfiji.com

Leadership Fiji is an independent, non-partisan, non-aligned entity, which depends on support drawn from the corporate, public and community sectors which was launched in 2000.

Program Objectives
Leadership Fiji fosters the development and enhancement of the quality of leaders in Fiji by:
·         Allowing members to explore their own values, philosophies, prejudices and beliefs through opportunities offered by the program.
·         Canvassing a variety of issues, which are chosen from the recommendation of those running the program as well as those who will participate in the program.
·         Giving  program members close interaction with Fiji Island leaders in fields such as business, environment, the welfare sector, unions, sports, agriculture and tourism to name a few.
·         Encouraging extended interchange throughout the year and beyond, between members of the program.
·          Ensuring discussion confidentiality by insistence on “Chatham House” rules, i.e. nothing attributable outside the room.

The Leadership Fiji is a program of events and activities from March – November. These events/ activities will be designed to enable participants to discuss and debate issues among themselves and with invited speakers who demonstrate leadership skills and characteristics.

Program Content
The content focus of events and activities are issues based and include field trips, case studies, panel discussions and keynote speakers.

Events are organized around topics of national interest and may include:
·         Leadership and good governance
·         Economic concerns
·         Law & order
·         Civil societies: human rights and services
·         Education/ health & media
·         Challenges of change
·         Conflict resolution
·         Poverty & Social Welfare
·         The Sugar Cane Industry
·         The Role of the Media
·         Historical development of Fiji
·         Environment Issues
·         Alterative Economic developments

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