JERA Projects  support, define and develop communities and do more than orientate and provide strategies for a “place” – they can unlock the social, cultural, economic and environmental levers that  trigger investment and action. Any investment in policy and program commitments that engages people ultimately enhances social well-being, economic vitality and sustainability of themselves, their families and their communities.


JERA’s broad knowledge, network of gender expertise, and experience working in many different communities and preliminary investigations support programs and projects that seek significant opportunities for positive change for women and gender relations.  JERA works towards  realising peoples’ rights, connecting community, leveraging existing assets and finding ways to create meaningful opportunities and sustainable futures for people  to reach their highest potential.


JERA’s cross-cutting initiatives span across the breadth of our program sectors to tackle the underlying causes of economic sustainability, and place special emphasis on working with women and girls in areas of peace and security to create lasting social change and to advance gender equality, develop life skills and create income-generating activities.