The Working Together for Equality : Beijing + 15 Review is part of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the commitments made by the Australian Government to the advancement of women through use of the agreed strategies from the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA), and the BPFA + 5 Outcomes Document.  The purpose of this review is to measure Australia’s progress against the BPFA 15 years since it was agreed in 1995.  A broad and interactive community consultation formed the basis of this report, with analysis of data from these consultations highlighted in the key issues, gains, gaps and challenges for women in Australia in 2009-2010.

This report builds on findings from the 10 and 5 year review of the BPFA and presents collaborative thought, analysis and advocacy for the advancement of women in Australia.  The review consists of local and state caravans and on-line questionnaires.  In addition, a survey of working with men and boys was also undertaken in recognition that the advancement of women is a societal responsibility that comes about through all actors working together for equality.

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You can download the Final Report document here (PDF, 3.3MB).