This NGO report is designed to assist women from Australia in their lobbying and advocacy work in relation to the United Nations 15 year review and appraisal of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA)  due to be held at the 54th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, New York from 1st to the 12th March, 2010.

The information in this report  is based on the Australian NGO National Review and was used to inform the Asia Pacific Regional NGO review, the UN ESCAP High Level Meeting on the 15 year review of the Beijing Platform for Action.    The issues and language reflect the voices of those 3,500 women and 148 men who participated in this review through caravans and on-line forums.  It does not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Government, who generously funded a large part of this review.


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You can download the Final Report document here (PDF, 3.3MB).


Easy to download sections:

Below the format and presentation of the report is designed so that each critical area is presented as a separate pdf file. This enables quick viewing of a specific critical area.Report in sections

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A Women and Poverty

B Education and Training of Women

C Women and Health

D Violence Against Women

E Women and Armed Conflict

F Women and the Economy

G Women in Power and Decision Making

H Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women

I Human Rights of Women

J Women and the Media

K Women and the Environment

L The Girl Child
Working with Men and Boys

Table that holds the key to references against critical areas – please note this needs to be downloaded and enlarged on your screens.

Table with key issues, recommendations and UN references

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