AWID is conducting a twitterthon calling on CSW 58 to put women’s rights at the center of development! The Associatin for Women’s Rights in Development are happy to report that Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development; The Mercedes Parra Foundation for Women and Girls; International Association for Women of Color Day; Population Matters; Women Inspiration Development Center; ICW El Salvador (Comunidad Internacional de Mujeres Viviendo con VIH y SIDA) and many more individual members have joined  the call. We only have 10 days left until the twitterthon so don’t forget to send us your name, twitter handles and Facebook Page addresses if you’d like to participate!

In the weeks ahead AWID will be sharing suggested tweets and Facebook messages that you can share during CSW58. Let’s make our voices heard around the world by using Twitter and Facebook

To send our messages to CSW 58 member states to build a new development agenda that is grounded in human rights for ALL!

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