August 2016 

JERA International would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bo Wang on his sudden and suspicious death.

Bo interned for JERA International as an Management Assistant, from September 2014 to December, 2014,  he was from his first day on the job a helpful, smart and intelligent young man.    He was a very popular member of the team, always ready to share in the laughter and a true pleasure to work alongside.   He was always available to assist in any task and assisted JERA International in its office move from Carlton to West Melbourne, going above and beyond his tasks to make the transition easy for all.

His warm personality, kindness and easy laughter was missed on his departure, and we were extremely happy to hear he had managed to obtain full time employment.

It was with great sadness we heard of his death   the JERA International Team, Gender Network and Alumni will remember him fondly.

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