Over the past decade, Economic Security4Women (S4W) has been one of Australia’s most successful National Women’s Alliances.  As a leading collaborator with women’s organisations and the other National Women’s Alliances,  S4W has contributed to capacity building in women’s organisations, consulted with women of all ages to establish priorities, and issues and led policy research, advocacy and change.

S4W has undertaken major projects and the subsequent reports have been produced: Women and Housing; Lifelong Learning: Work related Education and Training – meeting the needs of Australian Women; Out of School Hours Care; Pension Review; and many more. For more information on S4Ws projects visit their website: www.security4women.org.au

Through these projects S4W endeavours to make improvements through policy development and target programs, services and information for the benefit of women and girls.

Note:  JERA International is a member of Economic Security4Women

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