Announcement No. 2012/07/1


Title:                     CEDAW Consultant to support the Autonomous Bougainville Government on policy interventions to support and  advance women’s rights

Duration:             July and ending in December, 2012


The UN CEDAW Committee conveyed a total of 54 observations in the form of “Concluding Observations “to the PNG Government to take immediate action in order to improve the situation of women in PNG and the Autonomous Region o Bougainville. In order to address these Concluding Observations and also implementation of CEDAW, the PNG Government has embarked on development of a strategy prioritizing short and long areas of work to address women’s rights. The short term immediate priorities include Sorcery & Sorcery related killings and the 22 Reserved Seats which the government will present in 2012 to the UN CEDAW Committee. The Long Term priority areas include Violence Against Women, Access to Justice, Education, Health & HIV/AIDS, Rural &Vulnerable Women, Participation of Women in Political & Public Life and National Women’s Machineries.

To achieve the Long & the Short Term Strategies UN Women in PNG has assisted the Department for Community Development through the Office for the Development of Women to held series of participatory workshops with Government Departments to develop a  “National Strategy to implement Concluding Observations” from the UN CEDAW Committee.   A draft National CEDAW Strategy is now in place.  The Minister for Women in Bougainville has requested assistance to draft the Bougainville Strategy which will be included as a chapter in the National CEDAW Strategy and also other policy instruments to promote gender equality and women’s rights in Bougainville.

UN Women seeks an experienced consultant who is familiar with CEDAW, the policy framework of PNG and Bougainville to support the Bougainville Administration – Community Development Division and the Bougainville Minister for Women to develop key policy instruments to advance gender equality and women’s rights under the CEDAW which are Bougainville CEDAW Strategy, Bougainville Gender Policy and UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions.    The consultant will also assist with the development of a Corporate Plan for the Bougainville Administration – Community Development Division.

This is a significant role in assisting the draw-down of powers between the PNG Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Government on gender equality and women’s empowerment in preparation of the 2015 Referendum.

Key Tasks

1.       CEDAW Strategy drafting for Bougainville for the Autonomous Bougainville Government

2.       Bougainville mid-term report to the UN CEDAW Committee

3.       Bougainville policy on women and gender equality

4.       Bougainville Action Plan on Women Peace and Security (UNSCR1325)

5.       TA to support inaugural AGM of Bougainville Women’s Federation

6.       TA to Bougainville Administration – Division for Community Development to prepare corporate plan

Deliverables (Outputs)

  • Facilitate workshop for drafting of the Bougainville CEDAW Strategy.
  • Finalize CEDAW Strategy for Bougainville.
  • Prepare 2012 mid-term report for Bougainville on CEDAW Compliance.
  • Facilitate workshop for drafting of the Bougainville Gender Policy Strategy.
  • Prepare policy submissions on CEDAW and Gender Policy to ABG.
  • Prepare scoping paper on issues for Bougainville Action Plan on Women Peace and Security (UNSCR1325).
  • Prepare Corporate Plan for Bougainville Administration – Division for Community Development with accompany policy submission to ABG.
  • Prepare report to UN Women outlining work done, analysis of social, cultural, economic and political issues which impact policies on women’s rights and whether there were any challenges and lessons learnt.


Bachelors Degree in  arts, gender studies, development studies and governance or politics.

Experience and Competencies

  • 3-5 years of experience in development sector and governance issues.
  • Familiarity with gender and governance discourses in Bougainville, including post conflict issues;
  • Good understanding of gender and development issues in Bougainville.
  • Effective communication and writing skills.
  • Experience working within national and international organization on gender and human rights.
  • Proven record of experience in policy formulation.
  • Presentation and facilitation skills.

Timeframes and Institutional Arrangements

The consultant will engaged for (6) months between July 2012 and December 2012.  Documents to be included when submitting the Proposal.

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications :-

1.  Proposal: (not more than 450 words)

(i)            Explaining why they are the most suitable for the work

(ii)           Provide a brief methodology on how they will approach and conduct the work (if applicable)

2.  Financial proposal: indicate monthly fee

3.  Personal CV including past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references

Financial Proposal

Contracts based on monthly fee.  Monthly payment upon receipt of the certification of payment duly signed by the PNG National Programme Specialist.

Reporting Requirements

The consultant reports to the PNG National Programme Specialist.

Additional information including the Terms of Reference / Post Profile is available from the UN Women Pacific website : (  All applications are to be submitted by Thursday 12th July, 2012 either electronically to or addressed to:

(Announcement No. 2012/07/1): CEDAW Consultant to support the Autonomous Bougainville Government on policy interventions to support and advance women’s rights

The Country Programme Manager

UN Women PNG Office

Level 4 United Church Building

Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea

Incomplete applications will not be considered and only submissions for whom there is further interest will be contacted.

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