Asia Pacific BEIJING+20 Civil Society Forum Statement

Women’s rights organisations and movements from Asia and the Pacific, comprising 480 women, gathered in Bangkok from 14 to 16 November 2014 to call on our governments for accountability regarding the commitments made almost 20 years ago in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPFA) to advance gender equality and the rights of women and girls, and to realise our aspiration for a region that is defined by development, economic, social, gender and environmental justice. The BPFA draws its mandate and inspiration from earlier global agreements, such as: the Convention on the…Read more

Asia Pacific Civil Society Forum on BEIJING+20

All women were seen; all women were heard A small attempt to summarize today's discussions The Asia-Pacific Civil Society Forum on Beijing+20 held eighteen simultaneous workshops today touching upon issues that affect women's human rights and their empowerment in the region. The discussions in the workshops will forge the recommendations that civil society will give to governments in the upcoming inter-governmental meeting—UN ESCAP Asia and Pacific Conference on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: Beijing+20 review—that will be held on November 17-20 in Bangkok. Cross-cutting issues, such as race, class, ability, age, HIV status,…Read more

ISIS International Newsletter – 20 Years after Beijing

  an Isis International e-newsletter, offers news, information and commentary on women’s activism and rights around the globe Isis International takes its name from Isis, an ancient mother goddess, who symbolizes creativity, knowledge and women’s power. Our logo is the symbol of women open to give and receive knowledge, creativity and empowerment.   20 years after Beijing Feminists and women activists prepare for the Beijing+20 Asia-Pacific review   The 3rd Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, August 18-30, 2014 Women continue to lobby and push governments for full…Read more

Call for Application to Asia Pacific Beijing+20 Civil Society Forum

On 14-16 November, 2014, Asia Pacific civil society organisations (CSOs) will gather in Bangkok, Thailand to develop a collective strategy on the priority issues for the Asia Pacific region on the Beijing +20 review processes. You can apply to attend and to have a workshop at the forum via the online application form or download the form and send it to Applicants also applying to organise workshops at the forum will need to submit their workshop application separately.   CSO Forum Application Form Workshop Application Form   More information can be found at the website: more

Beijing +20 Review Survey & Factsheet

JERA International is currently undertaking the B20 Review. If you wish to participate please complete the following survey by clicking the link below! Survey: Beijing +20 Review Fact Sheet  2015 marks the fourth review of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPAF) and the twentieth year of its existence as a major blueprint to advance women’s rights.  The Beijing Platform for Action (1995) is a landmark agreement that identifies a range of actions governments, the United Nations and civil society groups should take to advance women’s human rights and make gender equality a reality.…Read more
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