CSW- Joining the Dots

Today, APWW presented their project, “Joining the Dots”. The project looked at the current human rights legal frameworks and tried to understand how they all worked together. These human rights frameworks include the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's), SC1325, CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA). After an examination of the frameworks, six regional case studies were conducted across the Asia Pacific understand how they were working in practice and to see where the gaps lay. Representatives from Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Fiji all presented reports, and while each country raised…Read more

Experiencing CSW

CSW 56 Monday 27th February Today Shabina and myself went exploring around the UN to understand how it and CSW works.While it was disapointing to leanrn that each NGO only gets one secondary pass, as fortune would have it, as we were sitting down nervously trying to work it all out, the Australian NGO delegation walked through the door. It was so reassuring and quite a relief seeing some familiar friendly faces right when we were so disoriented. They took Shabina along with them and I headed outside. I realised that it may…Read more

A Young Woman’s Voice at CSW

UN CSW57 New York 2013 Sexual violence in armed conflict By Lisa Ashton  Sexual violence and rape during armed conflict is not limited to modern conflict; they are acts that have been practiced for as long as there has been conflict itself. They are methods of war that are cheap, readily available and incredibly effective. Sexual violence and rape against women during armed conflict are acts that are used to instil fear, to dominate and to humiliate – not only the woman being violated, but also her family and the entire community. High-level…Read more

NGOs restricted access to UN CSW

The Commission for the Status of Women has announced that NGO representatives will be extremely limited at official CSW meetings and events at the UN in New York in February. They will need Secondary Passes to gain access to the building, with only one time-limited secondary pass per organization to be shared among its representatives. Already, NGO general Ground Passes have been restricted to 20 passes per organisation for attendance at CSW.