‘I hate this monster, I mean nothing to him’ – forced marriages in Britain

Hundreds of teenagers are being forced into unwanted marriages every year in Britain, according to new figures. The government’s Forced Marriage Unit says it dealt with 1,302 cases of men and women being pressured by relatives to wed in 2013. A quarter of incidents involved victims aged 16-17 and 82% of cases involved women. Although the total number of cases has fallen from 1,485 in 2012, there are fears that many are unreported. One victim is Tina, from Birmingham, who was forced by her family to marry a man from India. The 18-year-old claims she was beaten by…Read more

UNICEF Studies Children’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has released a report on the climate change challenges that children face in East Asia and the Pacific. The report indicates that climate change will exacerbate the living conditions of millions of children in the region, who already suffer from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation and are vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases. The report, titled "Children’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Disaster Impacts in East Asia and the Pacific," is informed by five country studies in Indonesia, Kiribati, Mongolia, the Philippines and Vanuatu,…Read more

A growing emotional and mental assault against girls

Business and Professional Women (BPW Australia), meeting in Perth this weekend, voiced their concern that a significant and growing emotional and mental assault is occurring in contemporary Australia through the targeting of girls and young women (and boys/young men) through the misuse of modern forms of technology such as mobile phones, social networking sites and other on-line media.