UN peacekeepers exit East Timor

The UN has ended its 13 year mission after aiding East Timor's independence from Indonesia's 24-year occupation. The United Nations has ended its peacekeeping mission in East Timor after 13 years of providing the country direct security assistance. A final batch of UN troops and logistics staff left the South-east Asian country, officially known as Timor Leste, late December 2012. "Timor-Leste has now reached a stage in its development, politically and developmentally, where it can in fact stand on its own feet," said  Finn Reske-Nielsen, Head of the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste.…Read more

UN supports election of women MPs in PNG

30  JULY 2012 PORT MORESBY (THE NATIONAL) ----- The  United Nations has welcomed the election of two women MPs so far, saying it is a step towards ensuring more equitable gender representation in parliament. The UN country coordinator in PNG, David McLachlan-Karr, said the election of Delilah Gore and Loujaya Toni was a step forward in the national decision-making process to achieve genuine social progress and sustainable development. He said the UN was delighted to see such an achievement in the Pacific as the region lacked balanced gender representation in parliament. “Around the…Read more

UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group

One of the GEAR Campaigns recommendations to UN Women was to establish civil society advisory groups at all levels. UN Women has decided begin by moving forward on creating an international advisory group they are entitling "UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group".

NGOs restricted access to UN CSW

The Commission for the Status of Women has announced that NGO representatives will be extremely limited at official CSW meetings and events at the UN in New York in February. They will need Secondary Passes to gain access to the building, with only one time-limited secondary pass per organization to be shared among its representatives. Already, NGO general Ground Passes have been restricted to 20 passes per organisation for attendance at CSW.