economic Security 4 Women appoints new EO

eS4W believes that lifelong economic well being is a high priority for Australian women – it empowers women to make choices and live independently. It enriches all aspects of women’s lives including their education, health, employment, personal, safety and financial security over their life time. eS4W engages with Australian women to identify the issues they face and establish those of primary importance. The outcomes from our consultations contribute to national policy reform relevant  to the lifelong economic well being for women. These include pay equity, access to relevant and affordable education and training,…Read more

Working Women are still in the red

Women's Electoral Lobby state 'Working Women are still in the Red'. Women working full time, on average, get only 82% of men's earnings and the gap is increasing. This year, women will have to work 2 months more to earn the same as their male equivalent.
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