Last night we went to the Australian Mission. It was amazing meeting Australian Ambassador to the UN, Gary Quinlan. He was very friendly and engaging, speaking about Australia’s continued support for the UN and its projects. One quote I particularly enjoyed was “The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.” This was by Dag Hammarskjöld the Secretary General from 1953-1961. My past few days at CSW have certainly displayed this to me, as after hearing the stories of so many women I have started to understand the importance of sharing these experiences so that we can ensure that no other women have to suffer from the same situations. CSW is a fantastic opportunity to share stories and learn from different experiences, cultures and societies.

This morning we went to the NGO briefing at CCUN. There was a great buzz about the fact that the draft text of the commission was released and everyone was keen to get a copy. However, once again there was concern about the limited space for NGO’s. It was interesting to observe that many organisations felt that the limited space afforded to NGO’s was not sufficient, hopefully this will improve in future years. However, despite this criticism, I have found the morning NGO briefings to be quite positive and inspiring. To see so many women so motivated towards achieving the same goals was inspiring, the feeling of passion and determination in the room was contagious, after each morning briefing I have started the day with such enthusiasm that I believe I can achieve anything!

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