One of the GEAR Campaigns recommendations to UN Women was to establish civil society advisory groups at all levels.

UN Women has decided begin by moving forward on creating an international advisory group they are entitling “UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group”.

After several meetings in NY last week the GEAR Campaign has been given the opportunity to recommend names including from the Pacific Island region, which must be submitted by July 9th.

These names will be forwarded to the GEAR Campaign in NY and then forwarded to UN Women who will be responsible for the final selection.

According to the GEAR Campaign the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group should represent the vitality of nongovernmental organizations, in particular women’s organizations, who play a critical role in promoting women’s human rights, gender equality and the empowerment of women, and its membership should reflect the wide ranging diversity of women.

Qualified candidates should have a vision for and demonstrated commitment to meeting gender equality goals, securing women’s human rights, and to making UN Women a success as well as recognized experience, including knowledge of how the UN works at the country and global levels; Clear understanding of programming for women’s human rights;

Demonstrated expertise in a particular region and/or issue area related to the work of UN Women; Be politically astute, willing and able to engage effectively with a wide range of key actors in the international arena.

If your NGO/CSO would like to make a recommendation, please email the GEAR Campaign Pacific focal point ( by July 9 and they will be collated and forwarded to the GEAR Working Group in New York.

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