Women Making Strides as Entrepreneurs

Supporting women entrepreneurs is fundamental for both gender equality and global economic growth. UN Women grants, partnerships, and educational programs provide women from Lebanon to Haiti to Kyrgyzstan with sources of economic empowerment. This is particularly needed in the Middle East/North African region, which has the lowest rate of female labor force participation. With UN Women’s assistance, women are able to overcome financial and cultural barriers in the workforce and start their own businesses.

More Women Peacekeepers in Conflict Zones

Zimbabwe is one of the few countries in the world where the number of female peacekeepers from the police force early meets the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations recommendation of at least 20% female representation. Since 1992, less than 10 percent of peace negotiators have been women; less than 6 percent of reconstruction budgets specifically provide for the needs of women and girls. Studies show that in many countries, women peacekeepers often become role models for the local women and girls, as the custodians of peace and security and the authority they can turn to.

Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director for UN Women recently said,We continue to encounter backlash and opposition. That’s why our work is so crucial, to draw the line and hold the line on women’s rights. It must be reinforced: women’s rights are not a bargaining chip. Women’s rights are not up for negotiation. Women’s rights are fundamental to global development, and to international peace and security.”

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