The sixtieth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 14 to 24 March 2016.


Multi-Stakeholders Forum

On 21 January 2016, UN Women will convene a forum to engage a range of stakeholders in the preparations for CSW60 at UN Headquarters in New York.
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Expert Group Meeting

In preparation for the sixtieth session, UN Women convened an expert group meeting (EGM) on “Women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development” from 2 to 4 November 2015 in New York.
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Organization of the Session
The Commission’s two-week session includes the following activities:
Organization of work

Official Documents


The NGO CSW/NY Forum planning committee has been actively working for months to ensure that this year’s NGO CSW Forum is the best it can be. This year, Ivy Gabbert & Bette Levy, are co-chairs of Planning but there are many volunteers participating on 8 different committees. It does take a village to put together a NGO Forum for 2 weeks. Please note that the committee has been mindful of the comments on last year’s evaluation forms and so we are trying to be more responsive to your concerns.

Forum Registration:
If you have not already registered for the forum and you plan on attending any of the events please sign up on the NGO CSW/NY website (www.ngocsw.org). There is no fee to attend the forum.

Parallel Events:
We are excited to announce that we had even more requests for parallel events this year than last year over 500 different requests…. that’s the good news but unfortunately it means that we were unable to grant everyone’s requests. We tried to be as fair as possible and each NGO received only one time slot. Even with doing this, there were some people who did not receive a slot at all. Also, most requests were for the Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the first week so it was likely that you did not receive one of your choices and we did assign slots in the second week. We tried to assign slots for events from all regions on topics that were relevant to the theme of CSW 60. Only events registered through NGO CSW/NY will be listed in the Forum Handbook.

We will host over 450 events on the NGO side. This year we did not use the Armenian Conference Center based on your feedback, which means even with the new space added we have less rooms. New this year is the Thai Cultural Center, which is located just up the street from the Church Center and the CUNY Graduate Center.

Please be aware that if you reject the slot you were given you will forfeit your space and there is no guarantee that you will get another space.

New this year besides the printed copy of the handbook and the posting on the NGO CSW/NY website there will be an APP for your smart phones. You will be able to see any changes to the program in live time. Your ads will also be on this version so not only will your ads be shown during consultation, your name listed in the printed handbook, on the website, now they will be in people’s smartphones with links to your organization.

Remember the deadline for the printed ads is quickly approaching January 31, 2016.
There is still time for the online ads please send in your ads as soon as possible.

Consultation Day (Sunday, 13 March):
There is still time to register for consultation day, this year to be held at the New York icon, the 92nd street Y. Again we have listened to your comments and we will be making it more interactive with the afternoon having breakout groups and a session of the Advocacy training. If you have not signed up don’t miss this event with major UN actors including the chair of CSW 60 Bureau, Ambassador Patriota (Brazil). There is an additional fee to attend.

Reception (Tuesday, 15 March):
A this year the reception will be held downtown on the NYU campus over looking Washington Square Park… Again, we listened to your comments and we’re planning an evening in a great location with great food, great friends and a chance to network and meet colleagues from around the world. The Woman of Distinction Awardee will receive her award at this event. At here is still time to register if you have not already done so!
There is an additional fee to attend.

If you are a member of the NGO CSW/NY committee and plan to attend both events there is a discount, check it out!

Rally (Friday, March 18):
This year we are planning something new rather than a March from 42nd to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, we will have a rally right on the Plaza, we have a permit for sound and we will have some speakers, some entertainment and make a lot of noise and bring attention to Women’s Rights and Equality. Sign up on our website to let us know you plan to attend.

Artisan Fair (Thursday, 17 March):
The much requested Artisan Fair is back this year and it will be held in the Church Center watch for details.

Advocacy Training:
Once again with the support of Switzerland and this year Australia we will be able to provide advocacy training for newcomers and experienced attendees alike. There will be an abbreviated version offered during consultation day as one of the breakout opportunities. The abbreviated version will also be offered during CSW every day (Monday thru Thursday, both weeks) that we are calling the lunchtime sessions from 12:30 to 2:00 pm in the Church Center. Additionally, this year we will offer a 3 hour version of training one per region to be held right at the beginning of CSW 60. These trainings are not part of the regional caucuses and are open to anyone in the region (check the schedule for more information).

Regional Caucuses:
Once again this year, there will be space for the regional caucuses during both weeks of CSW ( check schedule for details).

Morning Briefings:
Just prior to the daily sessions there will be daily morning briefings held in the UN, facilitated by the NGO CSW Committees with members of the Bureau & UN Women key staff.

Most importantly, please remember we are all volunteers and we are trying to do our best to ensure that the NGO CSW Forum is an open & democratic space for everyone. If you have any questions specifically about the NGO Forum or events sponsored by NGO CSW/NY please contact us at info@ngocsw.org.


Yesterday, at the planning meeting, Johannes Lang (UN Women) gave us a very comprehensive update of upcoming events and details regarding CSW 60.

Currently there are 650 separate NGOs registered to attend, made up of 3700 individuals. The deadline to register attendees online is 27 January, so if you have not registered your delegation do so quickly do not wait until the last minute. UN Women does not monitor this system it goes through CSOnet and if you miss the deadline there is nothing they can do to help. So far this is less than CSW 59 but more than CSW 58.
Each ECOSOC accredited NGO may register ONLY 20 individuals (includes UN annual pass holders, UN reps). [Off the record: if your NGO is short slots for people in your delegation, you do NOT have to register anyone with an annual UN Pass, as their pass will give them access. Just note that your NGO will not get credit for them attending the Commission nor will they be able to pick up any tickets for your organization to attend events, if they are not registered].

The good news is that there will NOT be secondary passes again this year, your UN Pass (temporary & annual) will get you access to the UN. Once again, each organization will be allowed 1 ticket to attend the opening session ( as long as the tickets last) and can only be picked up by someone who is registered for the commission. It has not been decided yet how the high-level ministerial round table will be handled yet but most likely there will be 1 ticket per organization as well.

On-site registration:
Will begin on the Friday (11/03) before CSW begins and will be open on both Saturday (12/03) and Sunday (13/03) and throughout the two weeks of CSW 60. People with annual passes should wait to register during off peak times to avoid the long lines since annual pass gives you access but still give your organization the credit that you attended the commission.

UN Temporary Passes for CSW 60:
This year the UN has opened a new pass office located at 3200 East 45th Street (close to 2nd avenue). There are many more camera stations and you do not need to go through UN security screening to get your pass, so only 1 line not 2 to wait on!  Anyone who attend any of the pass 4 CSWs and is registered for this CSW will have a pre-printed pass and will not have to get new photos, cutting down on the time on lines. There will be UN Women Greeters at the Pass Office with lists and they will be able to direct you to which line you need to be on.. There will be a line for people who are attending for the first time, another line for those who have attended in the past and a line for people getting their 2016 annual pass.

Special event tickets:
This year special event tickets will be given out in the GA lobby on the day of the event, you will not have to wait outside looking for someone with a sign for the event you hope to attend.

Written Statements:
170 written statements have been accepted, currently 130 that have been released by the UN editors are now posted on the UN Women’s website, the other 40 will be posted as the editors release them.

Oral statements:
If your NGO wants to give an oral statement (different from your written statement) during the general discussion session or you would like to make a comment related to panel discussions the period to register to speak for NGOs will open on 25 January and will close on 18 February.

Side Events:
On the government side there is also an increase with 20 requests this year. UN Women hopes to have the calendar of side events with contact info on their website by mid-February or at the latest the 3rd week.

Organization of work ( two week schedule) is posted on UN Women’s website. As well as reports from the Expert group meeting in November 2015.

Upcoming meetings:
Ambassador Patriota, the Bureau and UN Women will host an informal briefing on 19 January at 1:15 – 2:30 pm in UN HQ Conference room 4.

UN Women will convene a stakeholders forum on 21 January at the UN HQ, the concept note & discussion guide is posted on the UN Women’s website.

Monitor the UN Women website regularly as they are constantly updating it as new information becomes available (unwomen.org/csw) then go to NGO participation).


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