joankirnerA personal note – Vale Joan Kirner

So much is being said of Joan Kirner and though I don’t know what can be added, I wanted to share what I recall about her.

She maintained a great dignity throughout her time as Premiere and the gender related disparagement she endured at the time (echoed in more recent times with another ‘first’ woman of politics).

Beyond all the ‘firsts’ she will be remembered for particularly during her time in office, it was her time after politics where she demonstrated a strength and wisdom; always knowing the right thing to say to help women in communities, that I most admired.

Joan Kirner always saw the positive side of life with an ability to balanced her strong will, determination, and forthright attitude with a gentle and caring approach when dealing with women and communities in distress. She did not suffer fools gladly and was an effective change agent and civic leader.

I admired her dedication and strength and will remember her legacy as an awesome role model, of civic engagement and community leadership.

In short, Joan Kirner was a good woman.


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