30th September 2014 

It’s an incredible fact, but research shows that when CEOs have a daughter, the pay gap shrinks in their organization!

So economic Security4Women (eS4W) is a proud supporter of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) new pay equity campaign featuring ‘Daughter Water’ a magical potion designed to help CEO’s conceive baby girls.

“If a quirky conversation starter like ‘Daughter Water’ is needed to bring the gender pay gap, and its causes and consequences, out into the open, then I am all for it” said Sandra Cook, Chair of eS4W and member representing Business Professional Women Australia (BPWA).

“Any business, large or small, can take stock and check if gender bias has crept in to the pay and conditions they offer. It costs nothing to find out – the tools are free.

“We know unfairness or perceived unfairness can negatively impact on workplace productivity, employee loyalty and access to talent. A big part of ensuring employees feel like they are being treated equally and fairly is pay equity; ensuring women and men who are doing work of equal or comparable value are receiving the same return”.

Unintended gender biases in hiring, promotion, performance and pay decisions – which are commonly found in workplaces – can lead to pay inequity and while most gaps are not the result of conscious discrimination, many employers do not realise they have gender pay gaps or do not have the knowledge to investigate and address the issues.

“This can be particularly true in the small to medium enterprise sector where employers may not have human resource expertise on site and do not have easy access to information and resources about pay equity. That is why eS4W has put this information for small business in the one place

eS4W is a national alliance of women’s organisations united in the belief that economic wellbeing and financial security are essential for women and will enable women of all ages to have an equal place in society. Equal pay for work of equal and comparable value is vital for women’s long-term economic security.

Pay equity is central to any robust gender equality strategy and the only way an organisation can know if they have a pay equity issue is through a gender pay gap analysis, which is why the WGEA are conducting a series of national pay equity workshops to assist employers to take the necessary first step to ensure equal remuneration for women and men in the workplace.

Media contact: Sally Jope Executive Officer 0423198567

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