JERA International provides high quality and practical training.  Drawing on the skills, experience and technical expertise of a growing network of gender expertise from Australia, Pacific, Asia, Africa, Canada and the USA,  JERA International can tailor training programmes to suit a number of audiences.

Delivery of training occurs in Australia and overseas.  For more information, please contact

Current modules include:

Women’s Rights

  • CEDAW – Integration of the Women’s Convention in Policy and Programmes.
  • Bringing Women’s Rights home, covering practical information, strategies and tools for understanding the Commission on the Status of Women and how it operates at the national level.
  • Exploring the Millennium Development Goals
  • Lobbying and Advocacy Training
  • Working Together for Equality : Working with Men and Boys to advance Gender Equality
  • Addressing FGM – working with Community Leaders.
  • The United Nations system and how it works for women

Women, Peace and Security

  • Women, Peace and Security, covering practical application of Security Council Resolutions 1325, 1820, 1888 and 1889.
  • Confronting Crises – women’s rights and participation in peace building, peacekeeping and conflict resolution.
  • Economic Empowerment of women in post-conflict and post disaster situations

Gender and Development Practice

  • Gender and Development – background module
  • Gender Policy in Development Practice – how to operationalise gender policy in the development sector.
  • The Paris Declaration and its implication on gender

Economic Justice

  • Advocating Gender Justice in the Economy
  • Social Enterprise Training and Start up
  • Social Enterprise Training and Start up for CALD and Refugee women


  • Participation and representation in local governance structures


  • Using storyboards as a means to collect complex social data
  • Program design and evaluation