#WomenAskWhyAugust 25th 2016 : #WomenAskWhy  – ‘Money Matters’ dinner event is an opportunity to get insider tips from Amy Wallis, NAB, HR expert  on enhancing your performance reviews to earn more money.

Join us for a great dinner with great food and atmosphere at the much lauded Seamstress Restaurant, 113 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.  Arrive at 6.15pm  for a 6.30 pm start with an anticipated 8:30pm finish.  For those who wish to continue the discussions, you can pop down to the sweatshop bar, or go up to the cocktail lounge.

More on the venue here

The evening is a fun filled, good food event with an opportunity to learn and enter into critical conversations on issues important for women.

Space is limited so early booking is recommended.

A booking fee of $10 is required to secure your space, cover the speaker’s meal and associated costs.
Dinner and drinks at own cost.

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#WomenAskWhy: Money Matters – Performance Reviews
A Critical Conversation: Thursday 25th August 2016 6:00pm @ The Seamstress

Performance is an ongoing activity, whether you are an employee, an employer or self-employed. Businesses need to transform to stay relevant—both for their workers and in the marketplace. For those of you who face the annual performance review with your company, matters of compensation increase, promotion or moving to a new role, the way you want to be recognised, the way you want to be measured – all impact on the great outcomes you desire.

This conversation with Amie Wallis, Head of People, National Australia Bank, will address the latest processes and approaches to performance management and evaluation.

Some experiences can be extraordinarily conflicting, confusing and difficult to evaluate. Here is the opportunity to learn, share and discuss what are some keys to preparing self-evaluation for your performance regardless of your role or status. Performance evaluation is an opportunity to really talk and think about your goals, your future, and also the future and state of the company itself. Taking a big picture perspective and examining your role, the components of your company as parts and as a whole and how you can demonstrate your ‘add value’ and contribute a different perspective to the conversation.

This event will feature Equal Pay Day (8th September) that highlights the gender pay gap, which is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings. The gap is currently 17.9% and has hovered between 15% and 19% for the past two decades.

In a Stamford University study, unconscious gender bias was evident in evaluations that conveyed both praise and criticism, feedback to men was full of granular detail and “actionable” advice. Feedback to women was blanketed in stereotypes and uselessly vague. This indistinct feedback makes it harder for women to improve where they’re weakest or to get promoted based on strong work they’ve done or receive deserved increased compensation.


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