COSBOA is pleased with the progress of engagement with government over the last year and fully expects that 2012 will see the removal of red tape and better recognition that small businesses are people.

Peter Strong, Executive Director of COSBOA, stated that “at the beginning of 2011 the person in a small business had reached a low point, that person had lost his or her rights and had become invisible as a human being to policy makers and even to the human rights commission.  2011 ends with COSBOA having very close engagement with key people in government and with other key stakeholders and policy makers.  We now have engagement and we expect that in 2012 we will have results.  ”

COSBOA understands that we are facing an economic crisis that is worse than the GFC. We also understand that the way to manage this crisis is to focus on support to the small business person, to the millions of business people who will work long and hard, who will innovate and who will carry the economy through to recovery.

Mr Strong added “Big businesses are of course an integral part of an economy, but they are in the minority adn if one big business falls than thousands of jobs are lost and confidence ebbs.  The Directors and CEOs associated with big business are nearly always distant from the workforce and far from their customers so their speed of reaction is slow and their depth of understanding is limited.  The small business community can react quickly, what is impeding our speed is the increasing red tape and the increasing impact of poor competition policy and the continuing protection given to the unethical behaviour of some big businesses, particularly landlords and the big retailers.”

Mr Strong also added “2012 is the year we must have less work to do for government and more time for ourselves and our business. 2012 is the year when a small business person receives recognition as a person and the unethical big businesses change their ways or are hunted down and forced to become meaningful members of society.”

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Contact:  Peter Strong 0433 644 097

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Note:  The big end of town is made up of the minority – big business, big business associations, big government and big unions.  The small end of town is made up of the majority – people.

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