Disaster recovery in the Asia Pacific

Tuesday was a busy day. At 8.45am at CCUN level 8, APWW held a forum looking at gender is disaster affected areas. Each speaker had 7 minutes to speak and all presentations were engaging and informative. I was interested to hear that in Japan, for example, post disaster, women have actually had more success when it comes to acquiring new skills and employment as they are more willing to learn new, appropriate skills to adapt to the new society. One issue that was raised however, that in any future crisis, women's skills need…Read more

Raising a Voice: Young Women in the Asia Pacific Speak Out

This morning the Asia Pacific Women;s Watch presented “Raising a Voice: Young Women from Asia Pacific Women Speak Out.” This being my first presentation at CSW, I was understandably nervous. My presentation was about, “The Same Sex Marriage Debate in Australia.” I detailed the current legal situation for same sex couples in Australia, then outlined the gaps that still remain. I then spoke of some recent movements and then detailed the current political situation including the introduction of two separate private members bills to the Federal Parliament. While I was very nervous, I…Read more

The CSW Community

Last night we went to the Australian Mission. It was amazing meeting Australian Ambassador to the UN, Gary Quinlan. He was very friendly and engaging, speaking about Australia's continued support for the UN and its projects. One quote I particularly enjoyed was “The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.” This was by Dag Hammarskjöld the Secretary General from 1953-1961. My past few days at CSW have certainly displayed this to me, as after hearing the stories of so many women I have started to…Read more

CSW- Joining the Dots

Today, APWW presented their project, “Joining the Dots”. The project looked at the current human rights legal frameworks and tried to understand how they all worked together. These human rights frameworks include the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's), SC1325, CEDAW and the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA). After an examination of the frameworks, six regional case studies were conducted across the Asia Pacific understand how they were working in practice and to see where the gaps lay. Representatives from Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Fiji all presented reports, and while each country raised…Read more

Experiencing CSW

CSW 56 Monday 27th February Today Shabina and myself went exploring around the UN to understand how it and CSW works.While it was disapointing to leanrn that each NGO only gets one secondary pass, as fortune would have it, as we were sitting down nervously trying to work it all out, the Australian NGO delegation walked through the door. It was so reassuring and quite a relief seeing some familiar friendly faces right when we were so disoriented. They took Shabina along with them and I headed outside. I realised that it may…Read more
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