CEDAW – Integration of Women’s Convention in Policy and Programs

This CEDAW Training is an integration of CEDAW into Policy and Programs in Australia. This modular training was developed as part of JERA International’s CEDAW Implementation Training. This training supports the use of gender action plans and:

  • Familiarizes participants with common concepts and themes on CEDAW and its implementation
  • Exposes participants to a broad range of organisations and government strategies to the implementation of CEDAW and the
  • strengthening of other Human Rights Instruments with strengthen the position of women in Australia and overseas.
  • Inspires and encourage participants to build, refine and adapt Gender Action Plans for their communities of practice and government.

The training covers:

  • CEDAW Overview
  •  Legal Frameworks and constructs
  • CEDAW Reporting and Shadow Reporting
  • Implementation and Practice
  • Development of Gender Action Plans