TI Fiji was invited by the Ministry of Women to facilitate a two day leader-ship workshop for the women leaders in the nine villages of the Tikina of Naroko in Rakiraki, Ra, at the end of April. Workshop participants held the posts of President, Secretary or Treasurer within their respective villages, or were district representatives.

The workshop, presented in the i-taukei language, introduced good governance (Na Veiliutaki vinaka)  and transparent and accountable leadership and empowerment (Karua ni Wasewase). The topics that were of most interest to participants were the development of good leaders, and the responsibilities of a leader and their committees. Other topics of interest included the importance of leadership, styles of leadership, and the laws and constitution that govern an association.

At the end of the workshop, partici-pants were able to develop action plans for their respective communities that included succession planning, skills development, the identification of women to be used at the Tikina council levels, and the drafting of their organisation’s codes and constitution.

Skills transfer and development was also provided through the Drafting of a Constitution session, where the participants were shown a basic draft of how to write a rule, law or constitution, what it would look like, with the basic requirements to be included.  Following the success of the work-shop, an invitation was extended to TI Fiji from the Nokonoko women’s group for a similar workshop at their village.

Source: Crisis Governance Unit – Governance and Rule of Law Group

Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, United Nations Development Programme- UNDP

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