The Beijing + 15 Global Women’s Forum, New York  26 & 27 February, 2010


The Beijing + 15 Global Women’s Forum will take place on February 26 & 27, 2010 immediately preceding the 54th session of the CSW in New York.


 The 4 major goals of the Beijing + 15 Global Women’s Forum are the following:


1.    To report on the current condition of women and articulate a vision of for the future f women around the world


2.    To report on the gap between words and deeds regarding the implementation of the BPFA


3.    To generate renewed commitment and engagement on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action at all levels, including international, regional, national and local levels


4.    To promote the critical need for action and implementation



The 2010 NGO Forum Fund was set up during the 53rd CSW session to support the activities of the Beijing + 15 Global Women’s Forum and the 15th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women.

More fundraising still needs to be done. Additionally, the UN Division for the Advancement of Women and the UN Non-government Liaison Service will be requested by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women to provide travel subsidies to women from the Global South who will be attending the Beijing + 15 Global Women’s Forum.


For more information go to :   Global Women’s Forum