An economic gender lens on Australia’s flood affected areas in Queensland and Victoria (2012)

In 2012 Justice Equality Rights Access International (JERA) undertook a small research study that investigates the economic issues and challenges that impact women in disaster affected areas, in particular the flood affected areas in Queensland and Victoria. This study not only explores how disaster relief can be improved to address sustainable economic recovery in relation to rebuilding business and/or the resumption of income pathways for Australian women, but also identifies the additional skills women have gained by participating in community rebuilding, and how these Flood plainscan be recognised to further empower women economically in the future.

This study was commissioned by economic Security4Women to explore an ‘economic gender lens on Australia’s flood affected areas’ and to develop some initial thinking and discussion on how, in the Australian context, women’s economic empowerment can be better supported in disaster affected areas.  Strategic partnerships were formed with key stakeholders to assist in reaching out to communities in relevant affected areas.  This study draws not he experiences of women across a broad range of sectors, including business women, self-employed, unpaid work and members of low socio-economic communities.

Women's Voices from the Flood Plains


The Women’s Voices from the Flood Plains Study Report can be found here