The death of 28 women is a national emergency – via Women’s Agenda

The death of 28 women is a national emergency – via Women’s Agenda

Original article accessible here Another week, another woman murdered: The death of 28 women is a national emergency On Monday night, Salwa Haydar was stabbed to death by her husband in their home in south Sydney. Haydar Haydar, Salwa’s husband, stabbed her a number of times before stabbing their 18-year-old daughter Ola. Haydar lost consciousness, and her daughter called the police. She died at the scene. The 18-year-old was taken to St George Hospital where she is being treated for stab wounds, but is in a stable condition. Salwa Haydar left behind four…Read more

A Young Woman’s Voice at CSW

UN CSW57 New York 2013 Sexual violence in armed conflict By Lisa Ashton  Sexual violence and rape during armed conflict is not limited to modern conflict; they are acts that have been practiced for as long as there has been conflict itself. They are methods of war that are cheap, readily available and incredibly effective. Sexual violence and rape against women during armed conflict are acts that are used to instil fear, to dominate and to humiliate – not only the woman being violated, but also her family and the entire community. High-level…Read more

Ending sexual apartheid

The whole world knows that the Commonwealth of Nations has a problem securing action on the legal issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. It is a specific Commonwealth problem, let there be no mistake. Of about 80 countries that still criminalise same-sex, adult, private, consensual conduct, more than half (41) are members of the Commonwealth. Given that there are 54 Commonwealth countries, that means three-quarters of them still impose criminal penalties on gay people. The fact that such laws exist leads to stigma, discrimination, violence and an awful lot of personal misery.…Read more
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